House Fund

We have been together for 15 years, and 10 of that we have been living together.  We have the things that most people ask for on their registry.  The greatest gift you can give us is to help with making our new house a home.  After a year we now have a long list of things great and small that need repair or replacement and any help you can give will directly contribute to our ongoing health and happiness.

Help us celebrate our new journey of married life together with an adventure to Canada.  Some time to ourselves after the work and stress of the wedding will be wonderful and with your help we can make it a magical experience.

Honeymoon Fund

One of the tenets that we try to live by is the continued betterment of the world.  Here are some organizations that are important to us and whose mission and actions we are proud to be associated with.  Donations to any of these organizations in our name would be welcome and appreciated.